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5 Cool Physical Activities To Do With Your Vaporizer


There are a plethora of activities that you can do with your friendly vaporizer by your side. Outdoor activities seem to be the best. With your senses and intensity geared up a notch, adventures are welcome and good for the body. Whether you are an outdoorsman or just a lady who likes to stay indoors, we are sure we can come up with a few activities that may be enhanced by hitting that vaporizer. And some great source material, of course. ??

  1. Surfing

Pop that vaporizer in your bag. Right after hitting that vape go catch those waves. If you like the sunshine and water there’s no excuse to not get out there and try to catch a wave. It’s great for your body and health (sun). Surfing is also challenging and would require some decent cardio. You want to make sure you bring sunblock. Go to a known spot that everybody seems to agree is good, and be patient…soon enough you’ll catch a wave. What you do not want to do is go to a really rocky spot and beat the hell out of your feet…especially when there are no waves, on a rainy day. Don’t do that. But, if you are lucky and catch a wave, you may get hooked on surfing. That is a warning. Most of the bros out there are most likely high anyway, let’s keep it real. You know the CLEAN high of the vape will have you visually transfixed on all the bright colors and attractive sights…like the ladies in bikini’s. Or, the color of the ocean itself.  If you do not catch a wave fear not, you will most definitely get a great shoulder workout just for your efforts. You can rent a surf board before you get serious. Try it. Vitamin D, brah.

2. Hiking

Nothing says “I’m getting older” like a good hike. I’m kidding. Hikes are great for everyone. If you think you are a super-hero hiker, RUN that hike next time. Oh, and do not stop. Yep, now THAT is intense. But, let’s calm it back down to civilian levels here and pull on that sativa and hit those trails. It’s great, dodging bears and coyotes…and if you are lucky you may even run into a raccoon who just caught rabies and most likely smells that gum in your pocket. Ok, I’ll stop. Let’s be honest here, the hikes are never THAT crazy…but what you can do is get those thigh muscles working and bring a friend a long for some good convo. Or, just skip the tag along (who probably cannot keep up anyway) and go solo and rock your favorite tunes. Take in that nature labs. Forget about the ‘Likes’ and the news about President Trump and go see what the universe is offering right at your toes. It’s a beautiful world and a nice hike is a great way to put things in perspective and get some exercise at the same time.

3. Hit The Gym

You think everybody is looking at you don’t you? Yeah dawg, EVERYBODY knows you are high. Relax kiddo, get out of your head there fella nobody knows your dirty little secret. And, nobody has to. Get blazed, and rip another set. Hell, do another set. And another. You’re a maniac! Easy cowboy, don’t burn out now. That first hit makes you think you can take over the world doesn’t it? No, but seriously…getting pumped works. You can even hit the sauna or swim the pool if your gym has that. There is no doubt that when you are finished your workout not only will you feel accomplished, but you will feel more energetic. Some people may experience running out of gas (cardio) quicker while under the influence of THC and CBD, while others may experience an increase in energy. Don’t forget to take some selfies because lords knows when you’ll be back.

4. Running


Get out there. Get those legs moving. Your heart is pumping. Your favorite audio-book or podcast is on those new headphones you just bought. Or rocking out to your favorite high energy tunes…it can be done beautifully while simply jogging or running. A great past-time and exercise for the mind, body and soul. IF, you have good knees. Let’s assume you have good knees, yeah? Rip that vape and do your run. Again, cardio may vary. Most people will do a route that is familiar to them. But, I say…get off that beaten track. Explore new territory. Carve a new path. Get out there! Nothing clears those cob webs better than a good old-fashion jog. Don’t trip over your feet and watch out for cars, can it be any simpler? Get the lungs burning like you know they should. Knock on deaths door for once, would ya. Sweat it out playa.

5. Dancing

You didn’t think we’d go there but, we did. Here’s the thing, if you have no rhythm, stay away from this one. If you do or are very adventures, rip that vape because we are going wild tonight baby. Whether salsa dancing or hitting the club, it’s going DOWN. Bring a friend and let your feet take you to places you never thought they would. Is it the ‘Tangerine Dream’ you vaped giving you all that rhythm. The lights, the bass the excitement. Maybe, it was that drink you had ? The thing about dancing is you can put on your favorite tracks on at home and REALLY get funky. Heck, nobody is looking…go for it! The mirror can really help those without that natural rhythm. *Hint*


There you have it. 5 Physical activities you can do while vaped up. We do not encourage smoking. Keep it clean. Keep your sexy. Sustainability.


??Tell us below what physical activities you like to do while vaping your favorite dry blends or concentrates ✌?

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