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Review: The Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer


The Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

Most people have access to dry-herb or WEED rather than access to Essential Oils & Wax. The Arizer Solo is one of the most, if not, the most powerful, portable dry-herb vaporizer on the market today. This makes it great to use for the average person that wants to get more out of their dry-herb.  Rather than smoking it, which is more harsh on the lungs, the Arizer Solo efficiently vaporizes just the THC. The Arizer Solo is also very efficient, variable, affordable and powerful, which makes for a great dry-herb vaporizing experience unlike any other. Taste is the Arizer Solo’s boasting point.

     The Arizer Solo comes with 2 Glass Stems (straight and curved), an Aromatherapy Glass Cup and a battery charger. The Arizer Solo also comes with built-in various heat settings which can bring thick or thin clouds of vapor depending on how you want your product to be vaped. Plus, the Glass Stems make for superior vapor quality and flavor. This vaporizer is classified as efficient based on the amount of oil extracted from the herb through the heat the Arizer Solo releases. Usually the leftover, ground up bud will come out light brown to a crisp if done correctly, meaning you’ve extracted most of what you need from it. Not only is the Arizer Solo very efficient, it offers various temperature control and the inter-changeable mouthpieces will give the user a comfortable experience personalized to fit their needs. The Arizer Solo has 7 different temperature settings (7 being the highest) which allows the user to choose how slow (or fast) they want to vape their herb. This vaporizer fits very comfortably in the hand as if it were a small can of soda and can be carried anywhere due to the fact that it is portable. The Arizer Solo also has an Auto-Off feature so that when it isn’t in use, it doesn’t heat up the herb and waste what you have left over.

Black & Silver Solo's

Black & Silver Solo’s

Is The Arizer Solo Really The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Lastly, the Arizer Solo is the ‘best in class’ for a reason. The Arizer Solo is a very powerful dry-herb vaporizer and has proven to have a much better Vapor Quality than the PAX by Ploom Vaporizer. It may not be as small or sleek looking, however, you do get better results as far as taste quality and vapor density. The AS is a Convection Vape. Not only that, but now there are glass attachments being made to allow filtration of the vapor. The water also helps to cool the vapor on the throat. The Arizer Solo’s convenience is great for parties too!

With that being said, this unit is a great alternative to smoking as it is a dry-herb vaporizer. The Arizer Solo is currently on sale  (original price $223.95) at TheVapeLifeStore.com (discreet shipping upon request). Available in colors Black and Silver! Includes Lifetime Warranty on the ceramic heater. Currently VapeLife’s favorite herbal vaporizer!

[highlight]Money to buy an Arizer Solo is money well spent on a quality product that hasn’t yet disappointed any real paying customers. Don’t Hate life, Vape Life baby![/highlight]

Also, the Arizer Solo is 100% backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty & the ceramic heater comes with a LifeTime Warranty.  We, at TheVapeLifeStore.com are Authorized Dealers of the Arizer Solo.  Do NOT trust just any website selling the Arizer Solo’s at seemingly super low prices. Those websites will not be recognized by Arizer when it comes time to honor the Warranty, if need be.

Direct Link – http://thevapelifestore.com/collections/herbal-flower-style-vaporizers/products/arizer-solo-vaporizer


  1. Haboo Naimee August 9, 2014

    The one vape i want badily the SOlo

  2. zach August 8, 2014

    Arizer made this vaporizer right, I might buy another one they’re so good. haha

  3. Derek Jay Pitman August 8, 2014

    Almost bought this one but decided to go with the g-pro!!

  4. Jorge Olea August 8, 2014

    I know this one is your favorite. Now I know why.

    1. VapeLife Will August 8, 2014

      Yes sir

  5. Eli Carrasco August 8, 2014

    Love mine worth every penny.

    1. VapeLife Will August 8, 2014

      Have to try the water attachmnet

  6. Ayyeeshaa August 6, 2014

    This baby and the Santa Cruz Shredder sound like a match made in heaven. It may seem to be a beast, but it isn’t discreet enough to use outside in the open. Nice baby for on the go I’d imagine. Is taste the main factor when it comes to heat settings? Is it best to try out all three? And this puppy has no combustion?

    VLB <3

    1. VapeLife Will August 7, 2014

      Its a great vape for both flavor and vapor production. All around great vaporizer. The Arizer solo is my go-to portable vaporizer. It’s the best 🙂

      1. Asia Venable August 9, 2014

        Would you make a video for the water attachment you spoke about? Thanks! VLB


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