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Back to Basics: Why We Vape Cannabis.



Back in the day when I was a younger man, I needed to save money. Saving money was a big deal because it seems that when you are younger, money is harder to come by. So, saving weed is equally as important. If you have a weed habit, pockets get thinner and it will cost you, unfortunately. When I travelled to Los Angeles California in April of 2009 a friend of mine named Sean, introduced me to a friend of his that owned a smoke shop, and in that smoke shop he had a vaporizer. We put a little bit of LA’s finest Mary Jane up in it, loaded it up and blasted off. I never looked back. I was amazed how you can get virtually the same effect that you could get from smoking weed but with far less material used. To me, that equated to saving money.


Another key feature I noticed when I used the vaporizer was that the high was much cleaner. It was nice to notice less anxiety and when out I felt more interactive with people and less in a self-conscious bubble. I also like to stay active. Having a cleaner buzz helped in that regard. If I was running, grappling or playing basketball I felt more engaged with the activities I was participating in. Not only that, but my lungs didn’t feel as heavy, which made me feel like my cardio was better. Maybe I’m wrong and it was just all in my head but sometimes that is all you need.


Don’t get me wrong I love the smell of a good strain of weed just as much is the next man, but sometimes you need that smell gone quickly. Weed is becoming more accepted now a days but not everybody looks highly upon it. So having the smell of marijuana dissipate quickly can be a good thing. Plus, having the smell of any smoke, be it weed or whatever in your clothes, is not always the most attractive. Smell on your hands, not good. Weed smell on your breath… pass.


One of the coolest things you can do with a vaporizer is dial it in to the perfect temperature for that amazing strain you just chose from the dispensary, and figuring out where that sweet spot is. You see every weed strain has a different sweet spot temperature, whether it’s indica or sativa, or how it was grown, you will dial in that perfect temperature and find the vapor production that suits you. Personally, I like large robust hits that you can feel deep in your chest. Then I know I’m getting the most out of my trees. By using a vaporizer you get 5-10 hits as opposed to just 3-5 hits from burning one bowl. So there is a longer more enjoyable experience to be had. Of course that brings us to the…


Vaping weed out of a vaporizer is for true ladies and distinguished gentleman. A connoisseur of sorts. These people want to take it to the next level. Not simply satisfied with just the high or the aroma in the air, these people want to taste their unique strains…they want to feel the essence. Every strain of cannabis not only has its own unique smell, but also has its own unique taste. With today’s standards, a lot of times you can get actual measured THC and CBD levels printed on the label for you to see. People are usually quite shocked when they taste weed for the very first time through a vaporizer.


I’m no doctor but I am guessing that vaping the essential oil’s off of marijuana is better than burning and inhaling the smoke into your lungs. I’m going to listen to my body on this one. There’s more people than you know who work out under the influence of marijuana. Those people would benefit from a vaporizer. Personally, I feel better knowing that I’m taking the necessary steps to improve my overall health. Even if it is one small step at a time. Evolving with the knowledge you gain is important for the soul. Vape on and live long my friends. Get a Vaporizer Here: The VapeLife Store


Tell me what you love about vaping cannabis in the comments section below.


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