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Cloud, Source, & Vaped New Vape Pen Gear & Accessories


Vaporizers, batteries, attachments, atomizers, all kinds of different toys to play with when it comes to the VapeLife. Right now the market moves so fast it seems like there’s a new coil and attachment every other week for your 510 Vape Pen batteries. Over at TheVapeLifeStore.com we take pride in not only having some of the best Vaporizers and Vape Pen attachments on the market but we also take the time and care in choosing the right products we feel are on next level, or at least headed there.

Some of those new & cool attachments and products have been coming from some of our favorite vendors lately including Cloud, Vaped, Source Vapes & a few others. Four instance, Cloud has come out with a new Dry Herb Vaporizer ‘The Phantom’, that is surely in the runnings for one of the best portable Vaporizers for 2015. Not only that but they just put out Cloud bubblers (water attachments) for the Original Classic Clouds and the Platinum Clouds, New Cloud Mini’s, as well as custom Cloud glass globes for each.

Source Vapes has not only been pumping out new vapor products almost every month but they have also been supplying some of the newest and coolest double coil attachments available on the market today and we are proud to be able to sell quality products such as their new ceramic atomizer & double coil atomizers for Elips (Cloud) Vape pens for wax and concentrates. Some people might call it BHO or shatter but essentially it is essential oil of Marijuana. Cannabis.

As the days go by and technology gets better, we keep finding new and improved ways to intake our marijuana consumption through Vaporizing. Truly, the best way to extract the essential oil from cannabis is to use a Dry Herb Vaporizer, in our opinion. Not only is Dry Herb ‘flower’ Marijuana easier to come by, but it is also cheaper to buy. Not only that, but you can grow it yourself and maintain the quality control.

So whether you are dabbing, vaporizing, smoking or just eating edibles, as time goes on there is always going to be a better way to intake your Mary Jane.

Our friends over at Vaped just released their new updated Micro V3 kits. Fancy. Sometimes you have to swag on em.  Vaped has always been among the first to put out new Vape toys and will continue to do so. They were among the first to make the glass globe the huge thing that it is today

Vaped Micro V3 Kits

Vaped Micro V3 Kits

Even if you are on a budget, some of the generic accessories we carry like the Generic Glass Globe for 510 threaded batteries is a great globe that costs less than some of the name brand vape pens out there. We are happy to offer any Vaporizer products we feel can contribute in a positive way

Generic Glass Globe For 510 Threaded Batteries

Generic Glass Globe For 510 Threaded Batteries

Even new smaller Cloud vape pens, like in this video:

At TheVapeLifeStore.com we are focused on one thing and one thing only….Vaporizers. Whether it’s Dry Herb desk top units like the Herbalizer or Essential Oil Vape Pen Kits for your shatter like Micro V3, we are dedicated to giving you the best tools & toys for the VapeLifers to play with. Because there is an alternative to smoking. And we believe that Vaporizing is the future.

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