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Feature: Cloudious9’s Hydrology9 Water Diffusion Vaporizer


At first appearance the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 vaporizer looks like a fancy water bottle. A ‘VOSS’ water bottle to be exact. Owning the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 is like Owning two pieces of a puzzle that needed to go together for many years now. With the Hydrology9 you do get the best of both worlds in one convenient vaporizer unit. For a long time now, one of the biggest complaints about vaporizers was the fact that it can be extremely warm on your throat. Leaving it irritated. The demand for smaller vaporizers left many of the heating mechanisms close to the users mouths, creating a warm vapor on the throat. Adding the water filtration to the vapors helps to cool down the vapor and irritate your throat less. Although vapor can still dry out your throat to some degree, the cooler temperature surely does help.


When we first received our Hydrology9, we quickly opened the package ready for our first use. We were told from the company itself to only use a little bit of water. Just enough to cover the holes. The more water you put in, the more resistance you will find on the draw. Most experienced users prefer to have less resistance on the draw. After using the Hydrology9 a few times, and playing with the different heat settings, I must say we were thoroughly impressed. Putting all of these different features together in one awesome vaporizer is not an easy task to do. A really cool feature is the LED lights. They look really trippy and bring a certain aesthetic that stands out with this vaporizer.


Cloudious9 with a water bottle


When you get your Hydrology9, try out the different temperature settings and find your sweet spot. We also found that you do not have to pack a tight or full bowl. This vaporizer does well with a half packed bowl as well. Which is really cool. The Hydrology9 is made out of glass so we don’t recommend dropping it. With that being said, you should be very careful with this vaporizer, as it is fragile. The price point is not bad at all. And with many vaporizers to contend with on today’s market, the Hydrology9 will stand out in its own unique way. And as a first or second vaporizer the Hydrology9 is a sure bet. This will impress any new vaporizer enthusiast or anybody looking to take that healthy step and move on from combusting. Perfect as a gift on a Birthday, the Hydrology9 has to be one of the most anticipated gifts coming up for Christmas 2017.


Hydrology9 by Cloudious9


The Hydrology9 provides full body robust hits that are sure to satisfy. We look forward to big things coming down the pipeline from Cloudious9. With the Hydrology9 first on their roster this is going to be an exciting time for Cloudious9 and we personally can’t wait to see what’s next. Our partner, The VapeLife Store is proud to carry the Hydrology9! We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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