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Flavor Unit: KandyPens Crystal Review


The KandyPens Crystal Vape pen is all about the flavor. It is the flag ship Vape pen from KandyPens in 2020. I have been using it with some 1:1 CBD/CBG + Terpenes 1000mg from Cheef Botanicals. This is the type of Vape pen that you use when you want to use a just little bit of concentrates and have small flavorful hits throughout a long session. The Crystal’s bowl is large and can probably fit close to a half gram but I do not recommend filling the bowl up. The Crystal works best when smaller amounts of concentrates are used as the concentrates do not have direct contact with the heating source. This will help in making the atomizer last longer than the typical dual quartz atomizers that use direct contact with concentrates. So, if you are a flavor chaser and like to have your wax last a long time and don’t care about large earth shattering hits, this Vape pen is for you.

Cheef 1:1 CBD/CBG + Terpenes Concentrate 1000mg & KandyPens Crystal

The KandyPens Crystal comes with a session mode which means you do not have to push down the button while using. Personally, I feel that is not a necessary feature – as pushing down a button really doesn’t seem to be of great effort. The crystal comes with three temperature settings low, medium and high. Even on the high setting, you will still get flavorful hits and will not get the burnt taste that is often associated with dual quartz atomizers. The mouthpiece does get extremely hot and if you’re smart you’ll keep your lips away from the metal part of the Vape pen near the top by the mouthpiece. Ouch! The tip of the mouthpiece has a glass portion on it – that is what I keep my lips on because by the third or fourth hit the metal portion of the mouthpiece will be extremely uncomfortable if you touch it to your lips. ?

KandyPens Crystal Mouthpiece

The KandyPens Krystal has good airflow but you will need to clean the holes on the mouthpiece’s inside after one or two sessions to make sure it is unclogged. To clean that, I use a lighter to heat the holes and then suck through or blow out while using a Q-tip to wipe off the excess oil. The Crystal’s battery has a lifetime warranty from KandyPens. The bowl is all quartz crystal (hence the name of the Vape) with a heating element underneath of the bowl so your concentrates never make direct contact with the heating element. The bowl is leakproof and the Crystal has pass-through charging, which means you can use it while charging. The unit definitely feels durable. I cannot stress this enough, this Vape pen is meant for somebody who wants to taste their material and never get a burn draw. A mini USB cable is what you will use to charge the KP Crystal.

Inside the KandyPens Crystal Atomizer

I would use the KandyPens Crystal on a day out where you’re away from your home and you want to have a full session that lasts a good while. A session. Not a blast off-n-go type pen. You will not be able to finish a small .1g in just a few draws. A little goes a VERY long way. Cleaning the crystal is very easy. Simply finish with your session, wait about 10 seconds and then take a Q-tip and gently wipe out the excess concentrate from the bowl. Be gentle as the quartz bowl is thin and can break. If your mouthpiece gets super clogged up I recommend boiling some water and sticking it in to the water very carefully for a few minutes and drying it off with a Q-tip. You can easily use the KP Crystal with your dispensary bought cartridges as well. The KandyPens Crystal is a luxury Vape pen that is a little bit on the higher end of the pricing tiers for Vape pens. If the KandyPens Crystal sounds like a good Vape pen for you, you can purchase one at a great price HERE.

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