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Good Lookin’ – The Airvape Legacy


What is the Airvape Legacy about?

The Airvape Legacy vaporizer is a new vaporizer for 2020 that specializes in vaporizing dry herb blends. Weed! (Although it can do concentrates as well with the concentrate insert pad). With an executive look and sporting and 18650 removable battery this sleek vaporizer is definitely up there in the style department. There is no doubt this is the first time I’ve ever come across a vaporizer that can charge wirelessly. The Legacy is touted as being an eco-friendly vaporizer. The use of “vegan leather“ ? around the bottom of the vaporizer is my favorite eco-frendly feature. “Pleather?” ? The material around the housing has a nice feel to it. You can tell a lot went into the design.

The Airvape Legacy is a (mostly) convection, on-demand OR session vaporizer. This luxury unit has a gold plated bowl. ? The Legacy feels well-made with a little bit a weight to it (8.6oz). It almost looks like a 90’s Motorola flip phone. This portable vaporizer appears to be “ready for business.”

Rolling Shot of the Legacy vaporizer

How does it hit?

In the center of the Legacy is a glass pathway that is right beside the battery. It leads from the gold plated bowl towards the mouthpiece. The glass is removable and is about the same diameter as a typical straw. Be careful removing it – if you break the glass air path you will not be able to use the Legacy until you get a new one. The Legacy heats up in less than 30 seconds. That is pretty fast, but not instant. The on-demand feature takes a few seconds to get to temperature.

The Legacy’s Glass Air-Path And 18650 Battery

The Legacy hits good but it does seem like the temperature calibration is just a bit off. There is some resistance in the draw – but not much. The legacy pulls air in from the bottom of the vaporizer as pictured here:

A Look At The Legacy’s Ass End

Personally, I was not able to get huge massive clouds with the Legacy but then again I am vaping with dry herb that is not of the highest quality. Results may vary based on the quality of your cannabis, and the strain. You can set your temperature to where you like it as it lets you dial right into your preferred temperature, via the LED display. Arrow up and down.

LED shot of the legacy vaporizer

Loading up the Legacy

Now, loading this sucker is my least favorite part of owning the Legacy. It’s a messy situation. They do include the dry herb poker but it would be nice to see a loading tool for convenience like what you have with the Mighty Vaporizer. That way you can get your Mary Jane up in there clean and precise EVERY TIME with out the clean up job. There’s a gasket around the bowl that is used to help seal off the bowl when closed, but cleaning off that gasket is something you should do in order to create a tight seal when you close the Legacy. Hence, making loading a little bit of a hassle. The weed gets all over the gasket. It is what it is… but can you really complain when you’re using a “pleather” covered vaporizer with a gold plated vaporizer bowl?? I mean, come on man, it’s fucking gold plated!

Legacy’s Gold Plated Bowl

Price and value

The Airvape Legacy retails for $249, but at The VapeLife Store you can get it for a discount of usually 10% to 20% off, depending on what sale they have going on at the time. With stand out features like wireless charging, a gold plated bowl, glass air-path, eco-friendly vegan leather, removable batteries, and on-demand vaping. This is definitely a vaporizer that will make a lot of people happy. Get the Legacy vaporizer HERE


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