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Grenco Science GPen Elite Herbal Vaporizer


Grenco’s 2016 Dry Herb Vaporizer Elite Edition


Although I have not personally tried this vaporizer, I have heard that it comes in 2 different units. One is for Concentrates and the other is for Dry Herb (weed). A very small portable vaporizer. Shorter than the G pro’s. About the size of a Pax 2. From what we have heard, the chamber can hold quite a bit of material (possibly .4gr) of dry herbs. Very deep chamber.


Grenco Science has been one of the companies putting out vape pens since the beginning. Now, it makes sense to transition to the dry herb marijuana vaping world. Companies are always looking to see what Grenco Science will do next…wether it is working with celebrities or putting out great new vape products, it is always exciting.


This vaporizer has temperature control which means you can set the desired temperature to your own liking. With a sleek ergonomic design the word is that the Elite hits better and cooler than the previous model G Pro. Purchase an Grenco Science Elite Here

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  1. Enzo Junior Vezzaro February 25, 2016

    Awesome article. I’m so buying it!


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