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How To Keep Your Weed Fresh.


Keeping your Marijuana fresh with these sensible tips.


Are you tired of Vaporizing dry herbs with no flavor? Is your weed crumbly and unfavorable? The problem might not be because you got a bad bag of weed, but because you have not been storing or keeping it properly. Just like any other fresh herb that you use for cooking, pot needs to be stored properly to lock in the flavors and moistures that you look forward to when it comes time for Vaporizing. Fear not my friend, because you do not need a high-tech storage system in order to have nice fresh, sticky bud. In fact, you can use many items and tips and tricks to keep your Marijuana fresh. In the end, when it comes time for grinding, you want your weed to be as fresh as the day it was when it was perfectly cured. Here are some sensible tips you could use in order to ensure your weed is as fresh as it can be.

Keep it dry.

It might be tempting to keep conditions damp so your bud stays moist, but doing so encourages the growth of mold and speeds up the rotting process, especially if you plan on keeping your marijuana for a long period of time.  So in order to get the best ‘Vaporizing’ experience, be sure to dry your weed a day or 2 before Vaping it. Dry Marijuana is known to Vaporize better and produce a more dense vapor cloud, if you are into that.  To keep it dry, store it in a paper bag, while still keeping it out of direct sunlight – like a drawer for example. We keep our Cannabis in our grinder, already ground up, a few days before use. Consider keeping the MJ fresh until a day or two before use, then grind it, and vape it when it is more on the dry side.

Don’t break it up.

Get a good grinder. Some people like to prepare their weed by breaking it up, most likely so they can just grab and go with their Vaporizer. Breaking it up before use may prompt the loss of THC crystals and speed up the decomposition. This results in less flavor when you Vaporize. Getting a good grinder allows the user to expose the Marijuana to more surface area, giving greater exposure to the heat of the Vaporizer. So, don’t break up your weed with your fingers, as tempting as it is. We are all guilty.

Say no to the freezing method!

Many new pot users have heard that freezing weed will keep your stash fresh. That is not the case, as that is an antiquated technique that was proven to just give your bud a bad taste. The freezing part is not actually all that bad, it’s the defrosting that will break down the cell walls of your stash and make it taste bland. If you care about flavor, this is something you would absolutely want to stay away from. 

Your Marijuana and wet cotton wool (or tissues) are not good friends. When your weed is looking dry, some people will try to employ the technique of adding wet cotton wool or tissue with the stash inside the container in an apparent effort to let the body absorb the extra moisture and restore it. But in actuality, this will also encourage mold and rotting, if you keep it in there for too long. The most you can do it for is about 24 hours, and any more than that, and bacterial growth will begin to develop on your weed. Instead, consider an alternative like the Boveda packs, as shown in the images above and below. An air tight sealed jar and a ‘jar-burping’ once a month and your weed should be good to go for at least a year.

Remember, a huge part of Vaporizing is the experience of getting to enjoy the flavor that comes with each satisfying hit. Each strain takes you to a different place. Maybe one day, enjoying the satisfaction of something you grew yourself! 

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