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Introducing the Source Nail Featuring the Orb 4 Atomizers


The new Source nail is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and hardest hitting portable enail rigs to date. Featuring the new orb 4 atomizers, this kit or attachment will knock your socks off. No really, your socks might just come off.

The attachment and kit come with 3 ‘orb 4’ atomizers. 1 quartz, 1 ceramic and 1 grade 2 titanium (USA certified). The new orb 4 atomizers are absolutely amazing. Coil-less and easy to clean. You can remove the top portion of the atomizer and remove the little cup inside to clean them with isopropyl alcohol. Before this, cleaning atomizers was a complete hassle. You can use the orb 3 and orb XL atomizers with the unit. You can also use your own battery if it has at least 40w of power because the attachment is 510 threaded. But if you get the Source Nail kit, it will come with the Source volt 40w battery.

Source Nail

The hits will be clean and you can dial the temperature control to your liking. Source said they fixed up the atomizers to make them much better and cleaner. They are the first atomizers to feature stainless steel 303 in their construction. Dropped was the chrome/copper that has been used across the board on all atomizers to this date. The orb 4 and orb XL atomizers are the first to adopt this cleaner and stronger metal.

These new atomizers and nail attachment are sure to give you the smoothest, cleanest hit from your rosin, wax, or shatter. This is the oil killer of 2016. Dare say 2017 really. So far, this is our favorite wax kit to date.

Source vapes’ commitment to making better products is something we love to see in the world of vaping and vaporizers. They have steadily made improvements to their collection of vaping accessories over the years.

If you would like to purchase one of the orb 4 nail collection kits or attachments, you can do so HERE

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