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LoKey 2: Everyone Should Own One


So, I recently came across the LoKey 2 Vape. I thought man, I need to write about this Vape Pen really quickly! The thing with the LoKey 2 is, it’s mad convenient. Not all Vapes comes with a built-in charger – but the ones that do – like the LoKey 2, are worth their weight in gold. Speaking of gold, these do come in gold, rainbow, silver and of course black. It is designed to look like a key or a fob, if you will. And it’s also probably about the size of A large lighter. It has that 510 threading which is perfect for store-bought pre-filled cartridges that you can get from a dispensary. That is of course, if your state or province allows for it. 510 threading is the most popular attachment size/threading in the 420 vape industry today.



Life is good when you’ve got three temperature settings to choose from because sometimes you need a little bit more bite in your hits, if you know what I’m saying. And sometimes, you will purchase a cartridge and it might have just a little bit too much strength-  so you have the option of dialing it back some. Your concentrates will thank you. People who lose things are sure to enjoy this little vape as the charger is attached into the battery unit and folds away when you do not need it. The Vape Pen does fold away to look really inconspicuous. The threaded portion that screws and makes the contact with your cartridge will flip down, kind of like a switch blade. There’s a button that you can push that’ll make the attachment portion pop up. Do not lend this Vape pen to your girlfriend as it will probably go missing. ???? The LoKey 2 is just a super easy Vape Pen that you can pretty much get without breaking the bank. In other words, it’s a cheap Vape Pen. Or, shall we say “Low Cost”. It is a great gift and for the price you almost can’t afford to live without one. ???? BUY A LOKEY 2 HERE


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