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10 Great Things About Dynavap Vaporizers


For the last few years the DynaVap vaporizers have taken over as some of the most sought after vaporizers across the world. They’re lit ????

Here are my top 10 favorite things to love about the DynaVap line of vaporizers

1) Always surprises

No matter how long you’ve owned your DynaVap for, you’re DynaVap will always hold a new surprise for you to discover. Whether it’s hitting harder or lighter via holding the flame closer or further away from the cap — or using different heat sources to heat DynaVap — or a cool new glass piece to run it through… there’s always something to discover with your DynaVap.

2) Efficiency

One of the reasons why I got into vaporizing cannabis in the first place was because I wanted to save money and lower my tolerance. The DynaVap does this perfectly. Not only does it come with a bowl size that is usually half or about 1/3 the size of your average vaporizer bowl (example the Mighty), but with the titanium models you can also adjust of the bowl size even smaller. Really allowing you to dial into the micro dosing that is becoming so popular nowadays. Not everyone wants to get blasted! Micro dosing is great for lowering tolerance and ultimately, spending less money on weed.

3) Eco-friendly

What do I mean by eco-friendly? Well, I mean… it’s green. Pun intended. The DynaVap is made from clean metals and obviously no plastics, dyes or glue’s. It should also last you a lifetime if you do not lose it. Which makes it, eco-friendly. Even something as cherished as the Mighty vaporizer has plastic on the body. Plastic isn’t good for the environment and needs to be recycled. The DynaVap doesn’t have any plastic on it.

4) Cool n’ Fresh!

What I mean about cool and fresh is the fact that the DynaVap is so damn neat! It’s so simple, yet so effective, that you just want to keep playing with it. You’ll discover new things about your new little toy. There’s no doubt it’s an impressive toy to show a friend or a girlfriend. Show them and make them respect the click ????

5) Super Portable

This is about as small of a vaporizer as it’s going to get. It’s about the size of a cigarette. You can put it in your pocket. You can put it in your purse. You could put it just about anywhere. Even the lighter that will heat your DynaVap is small. You won’t have any problems taking this with you, wherever life takes you. They also come with a small case to keep it in so it’s not bumping around with your other items. The case can be used to clean the DynaVap. The case is small and just barely fits over the vaporizer.

6) Inexpensive

There’s not much to say here besides the fact that you won’t be spending too much money on your prized DynaVap – that will bring you endless pleasure for a whole lifetime. Check out The VapeLife Store’s amazing prices and don’t forget to use our discount codes

7) Made in the USA ????????

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “MADE IN THE USA” I almost know with certainty I’m going to get a quality product. I don’t want to rag on China because actually, China does make some pretty good stuff. I’m just saying that Chinese made stuff doesn’t compare to what is made in America — from my experience. Especially when it comes to metals. America specializes in alloys.

8) Great Company

So far, I have heard nothing but great things about DynaVap as a company. And even working with them, it has been nothing but a pleasure. We can’t say enough great things about them. This is how it should be in this business. They have set the standard in a lot of ways and we hope their success continues on for a long time to come. The vaporizer industry has some really cool people and the team at DynaVap are some of the coolest ????????

9) Flexibility

Flexibility with the DynaVap is second to none because you can actually swap out so many of the parts and create your own little monster. You might want to take a heating tip from the shadow M and put it on your Nonovong, as I did. Or change your mouthpiece up. Or get an Ed’s TNT wood midsection. The possibilities are endless.

Nonovong xls with Shadow M cap

10) Off Grid Heating?

This one is out of left field but I wanted to mention it. I was thinking that the DynaVap is one of the only (if not the only), vaporizer that I can think of, where you can heat off grid, for free. Well, butane is not free. And, electricity is not free. But, if you can get yourself a cheap magnifying glass — and a bit of sunshine, you may be able to heat your DynaVap for free. Major cool. ???? I’m going to try this and post the results here on the blog.

That’s all I got! I think the DynaVap is pretty sick, get yours here ????????

Check out the DynaVap in use with the Linx Gaia as a heat source in the video below


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