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Overview: Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail


The Cloud V Electro E-nail is a modern E-rig device used to vaporize concentrates. Able to be used up to 50 times on a single charge, the Electro is coming off the heals of such devices like the Dr Dabber ‘Boost’, which is quite popular right now. Able to get your dab on basically anywhere, these devices make it convenient for anyone who is into dabbing.

Standing at 11 inches tall, the electro will fit in most small bags of purses. With a 6000mah rechargeable battery, you are sure to have enough power to get you through the day.

You can choose from a sidearm glass version or a vertical glass version. Both glass pieces fit snuggly on top but we found the side arm version more superior due to not being able to see the nail when dabbing with the vertical version. The nails are grade 2 titanium. People have also complained that the nails sometimes “burn out” after use. Although the nails are relatively inexpensive, Cloud says they will replace faulty nails if you send in a warranty request, which is easy enough to do.

With 2 heat temperatures the Cloud Electro gives good heat, from 800-1000 fahrenheit. We let it cool down a bit to get a lower temperature dab.

For more information of the Cloud V Electro, click here.

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