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Quick 420 Vape Pen Kit Round Up


When looking for a new vape pen kit for waxes, co2, or any essential oil, it is best to ask yourself “What Am I looking for?”. Hard hits? Smooth hits? Ceramic? Large capacity? Small enough vape to fit in the same pocket as your wallet and still be discreet? Legit company? All of these questions are valid when searching for a new vape kit.

Magneto by Yocan. Sold at The VapeLife Store

Yocan Magneto

This crazy little vape pen is cool because it has a feature that has never been seen before; An attachment that allows you to scoop up your wax and place it directly on top of the atomizer, locking in magnetically in an e-nail type of dab, right on top. No 510 threaded attachment needed. Your dab will land on a ceramic atomizer giving a nice clean hit. Think of this kit as a tiny e-nail inside a vape pens body. It is interesting, hopefully we get some feedback from people who have used Magneto for a while. Yocan has been a leader in the 420 vape pen game now for a while. Making all kinds of ground breaking designs that others have followed up with only after Yocan has released it. The Magneto has an very ergonomic feel in the hand also. Look for more and more from Yocan in the future.

Remix vape pen kit

#ThisThingRips Remix

#ThisThingRips has put out a killer vape pen called the Remix. A double thick thermal wall keeps the vape full flavoured on this one. With a ceramic atomizer with no coils, the vapor is clean. We would like to see the price come down on this unit, but it sure does hit nice. The bowls are big. “Dual thermal wall technology” is what they call it. Not the hardest hitter but perhaps cleaner. The #ThisThingRips Remix is cool and the feedback so far has been pretty good. Let’s see what they come up with next. So far so good.

Yocan Hive exploded view

Yocan Hive

So, this LITTLE thing is built like a “Mod’ vape box but…..it. is. small. It comes with 2 tiny attachments that you can use for either a more viscous liquid like co2, and another attachment that will better serve your waxy material needs, the stickier stuff. The wax coil has a tiny quartz coil that hits quite nice. You can hide this vape in your palm. It has a micro usb connection for super convenience. There is also a window where you can see inside the attachments through the vape. The Hive also has a light indicator letting you know how much battery is left. That is cool. If you are balling on a budget the Yocan Hive might be the one. Yocan has been around for a while and their products are priced very well.


No matter what you choose, it seems the vape pens kits of 2017 have your back. We will be back with more soon…

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