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Up Close: Arizer Air Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

arizer air

Well, it’s been a long time coming. Wouldn’t you say? The next awesome Vaporizer from Arizer. The Arizer Air! A Canadian Manufactured Portable Vaporizer that fits great in your hand and pocket. The expectations were high, especially when you have to follow up the GREAT Arizer Solo. No easy task. So let’s explore this Arizer Air Vaporizer, will it make your weed happy… and more importantly, you the owner?

Made to Vaporize essential oils from your dry herb (eg. marijuana) the Arizer Air has a sleek and stylish Aluminum body casing. With the battery in the unit, the Arizer Air weighs about 4.2 ounces and is almost 5 inches long. Most of the Arizer Air’s controls and button usage are much like its predecessor the Arizer Solo. To turn the unit on simply press and hold the center of the up-and-down button for three seconds. The up arrow will raise the temperature while the down arrow will lower the temperature. If you would like to recall the last temperature setting just turn the unit on and press down on the down button for two seconds. If you would like to toggle the on/off beep you will hold the up button for two seconds. It’s all very simple with the Arizer Air. There are five heat settings, with the lowest being blue, then white, green, yellow, and red is the highest temperature. When the blue button is flashing that indicates the unit is heating up and when it’s solid blue it indicates the chosen temperature has been reached. A solid red light indicates that the battery is low. Green flashing in the charging process, and a solid green led means the battery is fully charged. There is also an automatic shut off feature that will shut off the Arizer Air after 10 minutes. The Arizer Air can also be used while it is plugged into the AC wall adapter.

Now, if you are not a fan of warm vapor, this might not be the Vaporizer for you. With the Glass stems that fit into the mouthpiece being so short, there is really little pathway for cooling. The good news is, the Arizer ‘Solo’s‘ glass stems will fit into the Air. Bonus! Perhaps in the future the good people at Arizer will bless us with a water adapter or cooling tube of some sort. Warm vapor does not bother me. But it is always better cooled.

The Arizer Air. A breath of fresh Air.

One of the features we found quite useful with the Arizer Air, is the swappable 18650 batteries that the portable Vaporizer takes. Very handy as most vapor mechanical mods for e-cigarette’s nowadays take the 18650 battery as well. So it’s quite a common battery for Vapes. From our experience the charger that the Arizer air comes with takes a few hours for the battery to charge while plugged in. What we like, is that you can purchase a few batteries and keep them topped off swapping them out as needed. Say, on a camping trip.

The Glass Stems with The Arizer Solo

The Glass Stems with The Arizer Solo

How does the Arizer Air Vape?

Most people who purchased the Arizer Air are going to be purchasing it for its use with Cannabis. Our experience with the Arizer has been great… again much like the Arizer Solo, it provides a steady – yet somewhat of a tighter draw, but at the same time providing huge dense vapor clouds with excellent extraction of your dry herb. We also found that the unit doesn’t get that hot – at least it did not make our hands un-comfortable, at all. Of course the quality of your dry herb depends on the quality of the vapor produced. From our numerous sessions with the Arizer Air we are extremely happy with its performance. The glass vapor path makes for extremely accurate flavor when vaping. The Air is always leaving us feeling like we are getting the most from our dry herb!

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Many people have been looking for a small cost-effective – yet excellent quality Vaporizer. Craftsmanship in a portable vaporizer has never been better. 2015, the Vapocalypse is among us and finally we can all rejoice, the Vape Gods have finally brought us the Vaporizers we have long desired! So spread the Vape Love and give someone the gift of ‘Air’. The Arizer Air. A breath of fresh Air.

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