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Breakdown: The Crafty Vaporizer


The Crafty. Little brother to ‘The Mighty’. The Crafty, is one of the latest portable vaporizers by the makers of the Volcano, Storz & Bickel. Able to be used with a mobile phone app, the Crafty makes vaping your dry herbs a real joy.

The Crafty and the Mighty bring the power of the desk-top vaporizer right to your pocket in a sleek, discreet, high quality vape that is sure to impress. Capable enough for the serious medicinal user to the recreational user.

The Crafty has about half the battery life of the Mighty and is about half of it’s size. Both will fit in your pocket or purse. About 2-3 sessions is what you will get on one charge of the Crafty.

At under $350, this vaporizer is not cheap. But, it is worth the money. Click here to see more on the Crafty.

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