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Review: Danky Gold Knives. Who’s Cool?


It is not beholden to every man to own a gold pocket knife. But for those of you lucky chaps who do, you know all too well what a cool muthafucka you are. Not only does a golden knife give off a sweet air of  lavish opulence but you can be one of the few lucky gentlemen to be rolling like the Godfather. Now, let’s be honest, the golden knife isn’t for everybody… but if you have the balls to own one get ready to stand out like a sore thumb in a thumb fighting contest. People will notice and compliments will roll in. Personally, I just use mine to open boxes but if I did hang this sucker on my pants my cool level would go up about 10 points.

Gold pocket knife

The gold knife is sick and luckily there’s a lot of them available HERE on Amazon or HERE on eBay. They are inexpensive and most of the time the quality is very good. And if you’re just opening boxes, you’re the coolest box opener on this side of the globe, whatever side of the globe you are on. My gold knife is a 4 inch blade. Let’s keep it real, how many dudes do you know that rock a golden knife? Golden knife, golden life.

Godfather gold pocket knife
A gold knife is fancy. A gold knife is slick. A gold knife is the shit. A gold knife most of all, is not boring. Don’t be boring, be different. Join the gold knife Community today and get you a gold pocket knife. Thank me later. Copp HERE or HERE

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