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Review: The Indica Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Indica Portable Vaporrizer, The Zippo Vaporizer. Yup, shaped & looks like a zippo lighter. Even does that one-handed snap open trick that zippo lighters do. Yes, I tried. Pretty nifty. But how is that vapor production? We will get into that…

I’ve owned my Indica vape for a months now. There was quite a bit of hype surrounding the Indica Vaporizer for a while before it’s official release. Indica comes in a nice box and set up with – an adapter, cord, picks, replacement screens, brush, storage pouch, extra chamber door, instructions, & pipe cleaners. The Indica Vaporizer is a variable voltage vape with four heat settings.

After opening the box and examining all of it’s contents I decided to quickly get to vaping with this neat little Vaporizer that is about 2.5 X 3.5 inches. The Indica is very small for today’s standards of portable Vaporizers. After letting it get it’s initial charge I was ready to load the Indica with some bomb Cali weed. Right away, I noticed the chamber is really a good size but a little hard to reach. Small chamber (holds .32g) but big enough to give you rich vapor hits. Also, when putting your dry herb in the Indica, it seems that some weed gets caught up in the tiny crevices around the oven door opening. Not a big deal but if you are a neat freak it may annoy you somewhat. When opening the oven door you will notice that the door come right off the unit. I personally find that to be a bad idea because quite frankly, I lose stuff. It does connect magnetically to the bottom and it also comes with an extra chamber door if you do happen to misplace it. Also, it comes with mini spacers that you are to place on top of your weed…not a big fan of the ‘pick’ & ‘mini spacers’. Easy to lose and without them it’s tough to work the unit. Loaded and ready to vape?

Indica Vape Bowl

Indica Vape Bowl

But How Is The Vapor Quality Of The Indica Vaporizer?

To turn the Indica on and off just hold down the button on the top for 3 seconds, which is also the led light that lets you know the temperature. After I had loaded the Indica it was now time to choose from my 5 different heat settings. Cyan (340F), Blue (358F), Green (376F), Purple (394F), & Red (412F). I chose red because I usually go for a more robust vapor experience. Plus, I wanted to see what this Indica had to offer on the highest level. The Indica Vaporizer is a conduction Vaporizer. After I selected my temperature I waited a couple of minutes for the unit to heat up. Took my drags. Not bad. Decent vapor production. A little warm. But one thing was for sure….

[highlight]this was probably the smallest WORKING dry herb Vaporizer I have ever used.[/highlight]

One thing that I hate doing is cleaning Vaporizers. Yes, when it comes to up keep I am lazy with the units. The Indica is a conduction Vaporizer and most conduction vapes need quite a bit of cleaning after several uses. You will have to keep the vapor pathway of the Indica very clean. There is definitely some maintenance to be had here. But, it’s most likely worth it to many people. The fact that this unit can easily fit into your pocket and still have room for other stuff is a Vaporizer feat of itself. Not many small Vaporizer units that do what they claim they can do now-a-days.Over-all the Indica Vaporizer will have many fans, and the novelty alone may impress upon people. We are happy to be carrying them at The VapeLife Store. If you have an interest in buying an Indica Vape we have them for sale HERE

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  1. Ayyeeshaa August 14, 2014

    Good review! I like the portability of it, but the maintenance seems like it would ruin everything about it.


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