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Overview: The Volcano DIGITAL Vaporizer


The German made Volcano digital is the same as the classic Volcano vaporizer with the difference being that the digital Volcano has a digital led temperature readout making it a bit more effective when dialing into the perfect vaping temperature of your dry herb.

A large and sturdy bag-style vaporizer, the Volcano is stable on most surfaces which is important because nobody wants a 3-4lb vaporizer falling from a raised surface onto the ground. The Volcano digital is a bit more expensive than the classic. But, for the aficionado, this vaporizer is sure to impress friends with countless bags full of vapor.

With a 3 year warranty the Volcano digital is a strong vaporizer that is one of the most recognizable around the world.

Rarely are people disappointed with this unit.

Pick yours up here: Volcano Digital

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