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Reviewing The FOB Portable Vaporizer


All vaporizers have a unique design that separates them from the rest, depending on what kind of experience the user wants from vaping their bud. Some factors include the price, size, design and overall quality of the vaporizer. The FOB by Vaped is a luxury vape that has the characteristics of a great vaporizer we look for, and not to mention stylish and discrete. This simple, portable dry herb vaporizer is infamously smaller than a PAX 2 and sits comfortably in your hand. It can also be attached to your keys, backpack, lanyard or any of your belongings compatible with a key-ring. Modeled after a Bentley car-starter FOB, the vape sports a metal, chrome-like outer shell layered by thin patent leather topped by an emblem, so you never forget who made it. The unit is also made of a hard plastic shell. The FOB by Vaped is the key to your spaceship so you can blast off any time with its simple operation procedure.

FOB Oven

FOB Oven


The FOB by Vaped offers more than just the look of a luxury car FOB, but it also offers the vape quality of a PAX 2 and even the Arizer Air. The FOB is only operated using three buttons: increase temperature (lock button), power (trunk button), and decrease temperature (unlock button). This vape has six accurate temperature variations with individual light colors to enhance your vaping experience. Although we love to set the temperature high on our vaporizers to get the largest and most dense clouds, you can get the same type of clouds with a medium-high temperature setting and let it be for the rest of the session without having to increase or decrease the amount of heat it uses. Also, the FOB includes a plastic and metal removable mouthpiece that slides in and out of the small storage space at the top of the vaporizer, just above the lock button. As expected, the oven on the FOB is very small (slightly smaller than the PAX) and doesn’t hold a lot of bud. However, its great airflow and accurate temperature setting help get the most of your weed and can save you money and bud in the long run.

FOB Buttons

FOB Buttons


 The FOB is a vaporizer with pros that heavily outweigh the cons due to it’s simplicity and functionality. It’s genius design serves its one purpose and does it well with maximum efficiency using minimal amounts of herb. On the other hand, the user may come across a few bumps along the way as they use the vaporizer more often. One of these issues is the heat distribution in the vaporizer; when vaping using the FOB on a medium-high temperature, the vaporizer itself becomes really hot making it somewhat uncomfortable when in your hand for too long. Also, if you begin vaping with the mouthpiece still retracted (as seen in the video with VapeLife Will) you may have to finish your session the same way you started, otherwise your mouthpiece will be too hot when raised from the vape. But, there is a plastic mouthpiece available with the kit. Lastly, the battery life is decent. On average, you can get about 4-6 vape sessions (depending on the temperature setting) before it may have to be recharged. If the is is NOT the World’s smallest portable weed vaporizer I don’t know what is. Other than that, the FOB is definitely a great investment for a casual vaporizer user and retails for less that $150 if you use the applicable discount codes at The VapeLife Store! Purchase one HERE!

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