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Review: Save-Yo-Life Vitamin C


Ok, so the Solaray’s Super Bio Vitamin C won’t save your life, but it could very well save your ass from getting sick if you feel the green monster coming on. The first time I purchased a bottle of the Solaray Super Bio Vitamin C, I knew we had a winner. I am picky when it comes to vitamin C because I know there’s a big difference in brands. I can feel it. No matter what, I make sure to get the 1000 mg vitamin C caplets. Because, who doesn’t want the most value for their money, and what’s the sense of taking double the amount of capsules – just to reach your mg goal. Get the 1000’s! These are VegCaps, so they are 100% vegan friendly – and they are very easy to swallow.

Solaray time release super bio vitamin C

When you feel that little tickle in your throat, that first sneeze or just feel like you’re low on energy and may be catching a bug, I suggest (if you are a male) taking 3 to 4 of these right away. For females, I suggest taking 3 capsules with some water or food. Then, 6-7 hours later take another 3-4 capsules. These will strengthen your immune system as much as you can possibly ask for from vitamins. Yes, this is more than the suggested daily intake… but this has worked for me. This could save you from getting the flu, a cold, or even worse, COVID-19. ? Nobody wants to be sick, it sucks! But, I am no expert. This is just my opinion and I’m offering you some advice on what has helped me. The VegCaps are fast acting. These have great antioxidant activity and they’re intended to help normal, healthy collagen synthesis, capillery and blood vessel integrity, cartilage and bone development, immune function, and nerve impulse transmission. They also contain calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide to buffer the natural acidity of vitamin C. The two stage time release formula is designed to release half of the vitamin C in this product rapidly and the other half gradually over a period of up to 12 hours – which may help extend the availability of the vitamin C to the body over a longer period of time. Ok, you can call me Dr. Dank now. ?

Solaray time release super bio vitamin C ingredientsThe capsules are non-GMO. These VegCaps have rose hips, acerola cherry, and abcorbic acid, bioflavonoid concentrate, rutin concentrate, hesperidin concentrate, and citrus pectin. The supplements are buffered, fast acting and long lasting. Not all vitamin C‘s are created equally. Facts. The ingredients in the Solaray’s Super Bio Vitamin C’s make it bio-available. I swear by these. Seriously, the next time you feel a sickness coming on, take these. The trick is to catch it as fast as possible. It’s not going to work every time, but if it works just some of the time – then it is worth it – especially in this Covid era we are living in now. Every little bit of advice helps. This is my advice to you. Any questions just ask me below in the comments section. Get you some, and thank me later. You can purchase them HERE for a great price on Amazon. 5 star rating!


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