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A Simple Guide to Purchasing Your First Vaporizer


A Simple Guide to Purchasing Your First Vaporizer

When you finally decide to kick the smoking habit and would like to make the switch to vaporizers, you have may seen how many options are out there. You are probably so excited to get one for yourself. And at the same time, you are also probably quite overwhelmed. Fret not! If this is your first time foraying into the world of vaporizers, this article will make it easier for you to identify your vaping requirements and narrow down the choices to a few good pieces.

Let’s take a look at the usual considerations when buying any retail good – but this time, with a focused lens on Vaporizers in particular:

Price. For A LOT of Vaporizer enthusiasts, price will definitely be the starting point in choosing their starter vaporizer. While it is common practice to move up or “upgrade” your kit when you are really accustomed to vaping and have made it an integral part of your lifestyle, at this point you just want to work with the budget you have. Off the bat, you can get a good quality vaporizer for around a hundred and fifty bucks, but if money is no object then you can take a look at those that are several hundred dollars more. Here are 3 of our favorite Vaporizers for under $150: The Cloud Phantom Premium, The Source Vapes Ghost, and the Vaped Flora

Ease of Use. Many first time vapers go for units that are good to go right off the bat – which usually translates to fewer settings and customizations. If you are easy to please and would like to spend less time learning and more time vaping, this type is for you. However, some customization fans who usually already have a basic idea about their vaping preferences prefer a unit that is within their budget but also allows for basic customization settings – Here is a great example of an easy to use Vaporizer with no fuss: The Cloud Phantom

Temperature Settings. Are you looking for a vaporizer that has a temperature readout (digital) or a simple one with knobs or dials (analog)? Are you perfectly okay with just one temperature setting, or do you think you will be experimenting with vapor quality depending on temperature until you find one you are happy with? These questions are preceded by identifying what kinds of herbs or tobacco you intend to smoke so you know what kind of temperature such will require.

Vapor Delivery. Think about where and when you will usually vape. Do you think you will do it while on the go? A pen type vaporizer might be best for you, so it fits into your pocket or bag with no problem. Are you the type who vapes at home after a hard day’s work? Maybe a desktop vaporizer is better. Your choice of delivery system will depend on your lifestyle activities and how the habit of vaping will fit into that. Our favorite home or DESK TOP style Vaporizer is the Herbalizer

Budget for your accessories. Vaping may seem just like the combination of your vaporizer and herbs or oils, but there are also some other things you might need to get. Some of these will and may include the following:

Batteries and battery chargers. If you are leaning towards buying a pen type vaporizer or a portable one, batteries will definitely be something you will need in order to get your vape on. As a tip, most long time users of vaporizers also choose to get a battery charger to go with their (rechargeable) batteries so they do not run the risk of powering down at any given time. This is very important because think about it: if the mood to vape strikes at 3am and you have run out of battery juice, do you really want to go out and be on the hunt for fresh ones? Here is an example of a GREAT portable dry herb Vaporizer that takes batteries you can swap in and out, perfect for on the go: The Arizer Air

Herb cases and containers. You cannot be serious about walking around with your stash in a Ziploc bag now, can you? A case is definitely a must in order to keep your herbs fresh for vaping. These are pretty cheap, so you definitely need to get one or two for yourself. Here is a link to some really cool ones: Cases & Containers

Replacement parts. Some replacement parts will be good to have on hand in case the ones that you are currently using get broken at any given time. Off hand, these will include glass chambers and replacement coils.

Cleaning kit. Just like any other thing you own, your vaporizer is subject to good regular cleaning to ensure a smooth vape. Cleaning kits are also important because vaporizers are not meant to be washed on the sink under running water or scrubbed with your regular bar soap. There are techniques to getting your chambers clean so that no build up will occur and you are able to prolong the life of your vaporizer. Alcohol wipes like these are great

Herb grinders. If you are not the type of person who actually enjoys or have the time to crumble up your stash to the smallest pieces, then an herb grinder is definitely a must. Prepping your stash for vaping is very important, and an herb grinder will cut the prep time in half if you have one handy. Not only that, but a good grinder allows for more herb exposure to the heat when ground finely, creating an even more robust vapor cloud with a stronger experience. Grinders come in wood, plastic or metal versions – you can choose one that is easiest for you to use. These are our favorite grinders right now, The Mendo Mulchers. They are the best in our opinion.

Vaporizer kit/case. And finally, you might want to consider getting a vaporizer kit or case for your unit and its accompanying accessories. Get one that has padding inside so even if you accidentally toss it to the floor or something no damage will be done to your vaporizer. These things are pretty inexpensive, so you can easily budget for this.

These are five considerations that do a lot to help you shorten the time you spend deciding on your first vaporizer. There are so many models to choose from, and this simple guide will help you decide which among these top Vaporizers will be deemed worthy of the title of being your very first unit! Just follow these guideline and you will be set for your first-ever SMOKE-FREE HIT! 

The Vapacolypse is here!

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