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Smoking Weed vs Vaporizing Weed (Vaping)


Now, many people throughout the World love to smoke Marijuana. In fact, Weed is quickly becoming the most popular way to medicate these days. With laws passing each month, loosening their grip on medical Cannabis, it’s just a matter of time before Weed is legalized on a federal level, just like gay marriage. In California alone, it does not take more than a quick walk to the store before you smell the sweet sensei emanating from somebody’s window. With strain after strain available, new exotic Cannabis is popping up regularly. But the question is, what is better? Smoking Weed or Vaping Weed? We 100% believe that Vaporizing your Marijuana is healthier, but, here are some things to think about:

1) Health.

One thing that is said about ‘smoking’ weed through combustion is that you inhale great quantities of tar carcinogens. Harsh carcinogens that may lead to a lower immune system which can affect you over-all and lower your health quality. But, we are no experts in the medical field, so let us concentrate on the more obvious and superficial comparisons of ‘Smoking Weed’ vs ‘Vaping Weed’.

2) Save Money.

When you invest in a Vaporizer you are not only investing into your health, but you are also investing by saving money in the long run.

[highlight color=”yellow”]We have found, through our experience, that just 1/4 of the material used to roll a joint or ‘blunt’ can satisfy most people’s medicating needs.[/highlight]

If not, you can also vape up another bowl until the desired effect is reached. Not only should you be able to save money on pot in the long run, but you can also systematically lower your own personal Weed tolerance and yet achieve the same desired effect by using much less Weed. Thus, saving Weed in the process. After you are finished Vaporizing your Marijuana you have what we call ‘AVB’ left over. “Already Vaporized Bud”. This ‘AVB’ can be used to make edibles with great CBD effects. We have had great success making brownies and other treats using our ‘AVB’ sautéed in butter. The AVB edible ares great for helping you relax and get some sleep.

3) Smell.

When a person smokes Weed, the smell of burnt marijuana surrounding them after hitting a blunt, joint, or bong can leave a very pungent and strong odor in the immediate area. That odor is quickly absorbed by the clothing. Making it difficult to hide if you plan on being discreet about your Weed use. When it comes to Vaporizing Weed, the dense and musty scent of smoke is left behind. Although the smell of the strain used is prevalent for about 10-15 minutes after use, the smell is much less strong and dissipates much more quickly than ‘smoke’. Does Vaporizing smell? Yes, it does…but much less. We find that of all the ways to consume Marijuana, smoking a ‘blunt’ is by far the worst in terms of ‘smelling up your clothes’. So if you plan on keeping your clothing fresh, you may want to consider a Vaporizer instead of smoking your Cannabis.

That Smells

That Smells

If being sexy is of high priority, then you may want to consider a Vaporizer over smoking. Not only is Vaporizing classy, it also makes it much easier for the people around you. Many people who smoke Weed can have very bad breath which is sometimes caused by ‘cotton mouth’ or dry mouth. When you smoke Weed, your mouth seems to get even more dry than when you Vaporize you bud, hence leaving the breath a bit more fresh in the process. Kiss, kiss. Another thing to consider, is the smell ‘smoking’ can leave on your hands. I don’t know about you, but if someone touches my face and their hands smells like Weed or cigarettes, it turns me OFF. You never have to worry about that with a Vaporizer.

4) Convenience.

One of the ways Vaporizers get people to fall in love is by the simple convenience. Vaporizers are extremely easy and efficient. When you own a Vaporizer you are essentially ‘Dabbing’ without dabbing. You are removing the essential oils from the Cannabis the easiest way possible, heating and inhaling. No need to find or make wax, bho, or rosin…you just need some good trees. No need to find papers or blunt wraps for rolling. No need to use and locate a lighter, full of butane. No need to carry around a heavy bong. All you have to do is make sure your Vaporizer is charged and your dry herb is ground up with an awesome grinder (good grinders are key) and you are ready to go.


So remember, you do have choices when medicating with your favorite dry herb. We say, be wise and think about your health. Health is wealth, and a Vaporizer is a good way of making a healthier choice in your 420 lifestyle. Many people who look for ‘a better way of doing things’ have been very satisfied with the results of their Vaporizer, and we are sure you will too. In the future, many more people will be medicating with Cannabis. We believe it is up to us to steer them in the right direction and guide them to a healthier and more efficient way of medicating. Vaporizers, still the future….are not going anywhere. Only getting better. Choose smart!

Pax 2 and Stash

Pax 2 and Stash

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