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The Davinci ‘Ascent’ Portable Vaporizer Unboxing


And Finally…..the Davinci Ascent!

Been a long time coming. We have heard so much about this portable vaporizer, now it’s time to review it!

Out at the end of the month, the Davinci Ascent, as of today, is not yet for sale. Coming in 3 sleek designs, the Davinci Ascent is certainly among the top choices as one of the best portable herbal vaporizers available today.

Many people will want to buy the Davinci Ascent simply off the sexiness alone, but the puritans may want to look a little deeper. Able to Vaporize Dry herb as well as Vaporize oils, the Ascent has many appealing features including an auto off motion detector and simple cleaning of the glass tubes used as a mouth piece and filter.

Please sit back and enjoy 14 minutes of Davinci Ascent madness straight from the VapeLife Will Channel. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part video review of the Ascent. The next will be a follow up review. See how the Ascent fairs over time 🙂

It’s my pleasure to bring you these reviews. VapeLife Out!

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