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The Mighty Vaporizer: 2016. Still King of Portables.

Mithy Vaporizer


Simply The Best Vaporizer 2016?

When I first picked up a Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel I was taken back by the fact so much plastic was used in the construction. How could this be the world’s best vaporizer? But, then I thought, well it beats metal because metal is just too damn heavy with a portable vaporizer. All that weight, it will just feels clunky. I picked it up and was a bit skeptical because personally, I have used a shit load of vaporizers. Great ones too. Like the Arizer AIR, Pax 2, Arizer Solo, Herbalizer, Crafty, Phantom Premium, Elevape Smart, Grasshopper, and many others. So, to top some of these vapes was going to be hard. Especially considering that the Mighty was definitely more expensive than most. But, being made and engineered in Germany, I would definitely take the risk. Everything built by the Germans seems to work so well…very well. But all that plastic. Was it going to break? Melt?


Mighty Digital Readout

Mighty Digital Readout


“Everyday Driver”

So, I decided I would use the Mighty as my “everyday driver” vaporizer for a few months and see what happens. Although, I am not rough with my vaporizers, I certainly do not baby them. At least not after the first couple of weeks. I remember taking my first hit with the Mighty like it was yesterday. Loaded it up with some of California’s finest weed (and believe me Cali has the best marijuana) and took that first inhale. Wow!

Thick, dense, tasty, clean, strong, and surprisingly cool vapor. Surprisingly cool, I tell you.

Especially considering the fact my “everyday driver” before the Mighty was the BEAST…the Herbalizer. A fantastic home vaporizer that is very dynamic in the different ways you can use it. Bag style, whip style, or run the Herbie through a bong for water diffusion. I was running my Herbalizer through a Nexus Glass rig. Very nice. Very cool vapor. Very satisfying. But, this Mighty was…..next level. How in the world can such a small vaporizer give such cool vapor? German engineering, that’s how. The mouthpiece is designed so that the vapor does a double pass back and forth through the length of the mouthpiece before passing into your mouth. Genius. Why didn’t anybody else think of that? They didn’t, that’s why. Again, German engineering. And the Mighty never seems to be hot in the hand. After every hit I realized that this aromatherapy device was going to be my new baby. My Herbalizer retired. Not that the Herbalizer was less of a vaporizer, it’s not. It is incredible. It’s just that my living space is rather small and most of the time I am not sharing my vaporizer with guests. So in order to keep as much space available as possible around my desk, I would now put the Herbalizer into the closet. It was Mighty time. Vapor king.


Mighty Taken Apart

Mighty Taken Apart


Low Maintenance Vaporizer

Over the next few weeks I experienced no hiccups with the new beast. My german crafted vaporizer buddy was holding up fine but I did notice she was going to need a cleaning very soon. All vaporizers do. But, one thing about my new love is that she did not need a new cleaning THAT often at all. And yes, I was using it multiple times a day. 3-6 times daily. Low maintenance is a BIG plus for me. Unlike other vaporizers that need constant cleaning every 10 uses, the Mighty seemed to be tailor made for a guy like me. Big vapor, low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, quick heat up times, and cool vapor so my throat does not get irritated or soar. Vaporizers can do that. Sometimes it is not even the heat, sometimes it is the cannabis, believe it or not. But cleaning the Mighty was to be easy. YES! All you have to do is remove the mouthpiece in it’s entirety and open it up. Then place both pieces in isopropyl alcohol to sit for 15-30 minutes. I like to swish it around after 15 minutes or so and then if it is super gunky, take a Q-tip and work the extra oil out of the crevices. After removing it from the alcohol let the two pieces sit on a paper towel for about 20 minutes to dry out. After that, the Mighty is like brand new once again. Brilliant. If after a while you want a brand new mouthpiece & parts, you can always buy a Mighty Wear & Tear Kit.


Mighty When Ready To Load

Mighty When Ready To Load


Durable & Consistent?

Now, I cannot lie. One of the things I was most impressed with while using my Mighty vaporizer, is the fact that I was a bit rough with it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO THE SAME, but when I was done with my bowl I would bang the Mighty against the garbage to knock the AVB (already vaporized bud) out of the Mighty, albeit lightly, but I was banging it. Everyday. But, the one thing I did realize is that this vaporizer was a legit KEEPER. Not going anywhere. No way. Consistent hits all the time, every-time. My new best friend. She even rips beautifully with rosin chips. Not to mention, the Mighty comes with a concentrate pad that allows you to vape full melt oils like rosin or BHO, as well. It works great. What more can you ask for?


New Mighty

New Mighty


Anything Like It?

Now, the Mighty has a little sister vaporizer named the ‘Crafty’. Awesome vaporizer. Very much the same but there are a few differences. One, the Crafty is smaller. With that, you lose battery life (half the battery life to the Mighty) and you lose a bit of the coolness of vapor that the Mighty provides due to the size differences in the mouthpieces. The coolness of vapor is the biggest feature of the Mighty for me personally. Also, two, the Mighty has a digital heat readout right on the unit while the Crafty has an app that you use to adjust the temperature. Personally, I prefer to digital readout right on the unit. The Crafty is definitely smaller. People will like that. Me, it doesn’t matter. The Mighty fits in my skinny jean pockets. Bulky, but it does fit. If you have a book bag, no problem, the Mighty will not take any space. A purse, works great. One feature that can be considered good or bad with the Mighty is the fact that the vaporizer will turn off after 3 minutes. Maybe annoying to some, but to others who need to save battery, this is a great feature. Often, people will forget to turn it off. Also, if you plan to keep your Mighty in optimal shape, ALWAYS CLEAN OUT THE AVB AFTER AS SOON AS YOU ARE DONE USING IT. As you should do with all vaporizers. Never leave your weed in the vaporizer while it cools. It will get sticky and start to build up residue inside the bowl twice as fast then if you dump it out right away. Making it hard to clean after. Plus, it comes out much easier if you empty it right away.


Mighty & Crafty Mouthpiece Comparison

Mighty & Crafty Mouthpiece Comparison


Take Your Game To The Next Level: The Mighty Vaporizer

If you have tried entry level vaporizers or any vaporizers for that matter, you may want to upgrade to a Mighty and take your game to the highest level. The Mighty comes with a 2 year warranty covered by the manufacturer if anything were to go wrong. A simple process. The VapeLife Store has sold many Mighty’s and often have discount codes posted on front page of their website. They have been known to have great customer service with the most competitive pricing of vaporizers on the net. If you are interested in taking your dry herb vaporizer game to the next level, here is their website: The VapeLife Store

Vaping is the future and the future is now.

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