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The “Well Deserved” Flask Review


The Well Deserved Alcohol FlaskSometimes, the best way to reward yourself after a long day is a few sips of that liquid gold. And, what better way to do it than to bring along your trusty friend that hides ever-so discreetly in your jacket or pant pocket? One of the most beautiful flasks you could ever see is the “Well Deserved” flask. We are talking the BEST BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK in the world of flasks. I like the royal gold color option because it really gives the “Well Deserved” flask a definitive elegant appearance. But luckily, not at a luxury cost.

Well deserved Whiskey flask in pocket

In a coat pocket

Designed with sexy a curve to fit right up against your body snug to the chest in your jacket pocket (or pant pocket). You will not even realize that your flask is there due to it’s natural ergonomics. The “Well Deserved” flask comes along with a matching funnel so you can easily get your drink of choice into the flask without any spillage or mess. Just imagine reaching into your vintage Schott NYC leather jacket, twisting the cap of your flask and swigging back on your favorite beverage… old school style. Well Deserved, man shit! Coming in at under $20 there is nothing your lady can say about this purchase – besides the fact that she doesn’t have one for herself. Boring flasks are so uncool. The “Well Deserved” flask comes in black engraved, black plain, golden engraved, gold plain, copper engraved, and copper plain. Not only is it a great gift – it’s a gift you can give for many occasions. Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life is sure to appreciate this life-long heirloom. The flask holds 8 ounces of liquid and will come with black satin gift packaging that will contrast the beautiful color that you choose. Highly rated as you can see. You can purchase one HERE

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