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Vapepocalypse Now! ‘Vape’ Oxford Dictionary’s Word of 2014


So, the word ‘Vape’ is the word of the year 2014 says Oxford dictionary. I would say, we have a lot to be proud of VapeLifers!

Over the past several years your boy VapeLife Will has been putting out videos on Youtube and reviews on products that we think are cool! It reckons back to the days when I was a younger lad, and not that I had the latest and greatest toys, it was more about having something unique. That’s what the Vaporizers were to me. And, I had a chance to share my new toys, and passion with other people through YouTube and blogging.

The word ‘Vape’ was something that I felt would be awesome to incorporate into the name and brand because, it is a lifestyle….and we are living this ‘VapeLife’. Going into 2015 the word ‘Vape’ is now a household word.

I will never forget the days when G-Pens and Atmos Raws were the new craze. Lol, we have come pretty far with the crazy coils and low temperature dabbing…

[highlight]Whether its showing you guys Vape Pens or Dry Herb Vaporizers it’s always such a joy to be able to share something you love with somebody else. And through this ‘VapeLife’, I am able to do that with my VapeLifers.[/highlight]

More and more products are just going to keep coming out. Awesome new Vaporizers, crazy new Vape Pens with double and triple coils, heck even NO coils with low temperature Vaping. We are going to be here to show you the ones we love and some of the ones we don’t love. www.TheVapeLifeStore.com will be around for a long time.

Vaping is getting so popular especially with the cleanliness of the whole experience. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Vaping is healthy but it certainly does feel to be healthier than smoking. The Herbalizer and the Arizer Solo have been some of the Best Vaporizers for Marijuana extract and taste. These units are so amazing at getting the taste you truly expect from your buds. But today, there is a Vaporizer for everybody it seems

Still to this day in 2015, more and more people will be turning to Vaporizers as a way to ingest their medicine. That is why the ‘Vapepocalypse’ is among us right now. One thing is for sure, 2015 is going to bring a whole new crop of sleek, discrete, & efficient portable Vaporizers. The future is bright!

So hey VapeLifers, we made the word ‘Vape’ a household name and by simply living that VapeLife we changed the scope of the vernacular for history. Pat on the back! Vape one for the Original Locdog 🙂

Whether it’s Dry Herb Vaporizers or the coolest new Vape Pen attachment coming out, www.TheVapeLifeStore.com will be there for you.

Vapepocalypse. VapeLife out.

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