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What Is 420? What Does It Mean?


Have you ever heard of 420 celebrations or simply just the term 420? Commonly, people celebrate 420 events without actually knowing what it means or how and when it started. If you are also one of the curious folks out there and want to know more about 420, keep reading.

What is 420?

Different people interpret 420 differently. It is a national marijuana holiday on which people around the globe get together at specific places to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of cannabis in the form of edibles, vapes, gummies, and many more. Some people consider 420 as 420 time of the day when they come together and enjoy marijuana. But for many other people, it’s not just a date or time it is a way of life and a political movement to clear the legal path of cannabis.

 So how does it start?

It is believed that five high school students from California used to meet around 4:20 in the evening to smoke pot. So whenever they had plans of hanging out and smoking they used the code word 420. After some time a rock band known as Grateful Dead met these five friends known as Waldos and picked up their code word 420 as slang for smoking cannabis. Later on, the term became so popular that it was translated into the US calendar and now it is observed as a national holiday for marijuana.

How is 420 celebrated?

Although 420 started from California now it has spread worldwide. Every year different rallies, gatherings, and seminars are arranged on the 20th April.

  • For example in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park every year hundreds and thousands of people interested in marijuana get together and celebrate the holiday.
  • As Colorado has also legalized recreational marijuana you can find Denver 420 festival occurring every year.
  • Moreover, although marijuana is not legal in the United Kingdom it is still celebrated every year in 420 festivals arranged in London Hyde Park.
  • After the legalization of marijuana in 2018, Canadians also celebrate 420 in the form of the Vancouver 420 festival.
  • People also visit Amsterdam 420 festival that occurs outside the City Hall and you can find music, food, and dance.

Some of the other most popular 420 events include:

  • 4:20 hempfest in Milan Italy
  • Expocannabis Europe
  • Canapa Mundi in Rome Italy
  • National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC
  • 420 Toronto in Canada
  • Spannabis in Barcelona Spain

People around the globe celebrate 420 for different purposes. 420 events allow people from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries to meet and share their weed experiences. Some events are also organized to promote the medicinal or therapeutic aspect of Cannabis. One of the main reasons to join and celebrate 420 events is to try to convince the government to legalize Cannabis. And last but not least people join 420 celebration events to enjoy.

 Can Cannabis provide medicinal benefits and are there risks associated?

Different studies indicate that marijuana may help a person with chronic pain, epilepsy, muscle inflammation, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. But it is believed that more complete studies are required to understand the medicinal benefits offered by Cannabis. The use of Cannabis especially high dose is associated with different types of risks and side effects such as:

  • Confusion
  • Changes in memory, thinking, and vision
  • Effects on balance and coordination
  • Increased heart rate and appetite
  • Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes
  • Panic, anxiety, or hallucinations
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