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What Is The Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL Kit About?


New Triple Coil Quartz Atomizer Kit


The Flosstradamus orb XL kit from Source Vapes is an all around serious vape pen kit. Everything firs into a small travel sized case. With 2 triple coil grade 1 titanium (USA tested claims the company) wrapped quartz atomizers, this sexy looking kit may be what you need for a serious rip.

This kit comes with an all around new ‘Volt’ mod battery that delivers 30 watts or 8v of power. That is double the power of the last battery they offered, the ‘Big Rig’. What that means is, you can gear your hit to your liking. Light or robust. If you want a stronger hit you can dial the Volts up. The battery is actually quite small . About 4 inches X 1.5. The company also claims that the bowls can hold 1 gram of concentrates. We prefer rosin. Oh, yes.




The Kit comes with a Source XL body with with holes machined into the side to allow for the user to turn the top and fix the air holes so that the air travels to their liking. Nice. There are not many attachments that do that right now. Although, the orb XL attachment is a bit bulky. It is also not the lightest wax attachment on the market. But, where the orb XL lacks in weight it makes up for in durability. Sometimes durability means a better investment. If you like giant hits this might be the vape kit for you.




The Flosstradamus orb XL kit is a pretty impressive kit for the most part. I haven’t seen too many triple coils this year. Comes with the usual charger, standard dab tool and carrying case. On a side note, It would be nice if these company’s could step up their dab tool games. Anyway, you can pick one up at and use the discounts codes available at The VapeLife Store

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