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What’s New: Source Nail Globe & Volt 40w TC Battery


Source vapes, a brand known for pushing the envelope when it comes to 420 oil vaping, has a new portable vape e-nail coming out called the Source Nail globe. It will be a wick-less nail that can be heated up with their new Volt 4ow TC battery, that is essentially able to control the temperature of the hit you take from 200-700F. You can also use this battery as an e-nail or as a vape pen with the orb 3 and XL atomizers. A water bubbler and globe will accompany the full kit along with 3 nail atomizers.

Being able to take a dab on the go is the newest trend, and convenience is becoming a priority.

Source vapes also plans to come out with the orb 4 and an updated orb XL which will also work with the new Source nail atomizers.

The Source nail atomizers will need at least 35 watts of power to be used.

You can order here

Source Nail

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  1. GJL November 19, 2016

    Complete Garbage, do not buy. Save your money. Bad Everything, got nothing positive to say.


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