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Why It Is More Beneficial To Vaporize Your Pot


Why It Is More Beneficial to Vaporize Your Pot

One of the things that conventional pot users need convincing of is that vaporizers are actually more cost effective in the long run. But this is quite hard for them to see right away, especially when compared to conventional bongs and pipes. Vaporizer can be pricey to well, down right cheap. However, it is strongly advisable to switch to this revolutionary way of consuming marijuana. Researchers themselves have already released findings that, compared to conventional means, vaporizing your cannabis will yield more benefits in the end. And that is not a good thing ladies and gentleman, that is a GREAT thing.


Benefit 1: Overcoming Lung Damage

The most popular benefit of using vaporizers is its effect on the health of one’s lungs. In the past, doctors were wary of promoting medical marijuana because smoking it might still yield bad side effects. While marijuana itself has no proof of being cancer-causing, the process of smoking to ingest it will still produce tar and carcinogens. As we all know, these can cause one to develop chronic bronchitis or irritate the lungs. Vaporizers, on the other hand, can overcome such an issues. Since marijuana is heated at lower temperatures, you get an inhalable vapor that contains cannabinoids, sans the harmful side effects or byproducts. To give a number, it has been said that using a vaporizer to ingest cannabis eliminates as much as 95% of smoke inhaled. In addition, employing the vaporizing method can even increase the amount of terpenoids (anti-inflammatory agents in the herb), which can give the lungs protection from irritation. Even better, it has also been said that switching to a vaporizer can help reverse the harmful effects of smoking cannabis. Say goodbye to combustion people.


Benefit 2: Small Dose, Big Yields

Using vaporizers to ingest marijuana is also better than conventional means because it is a much more efficient way of generating active cannabinoids from plant mater.

[highlight]Studies show that in the vapor produced by vaporizers, there is as much as 46% of THC presence. On the other hand, your typical marijuana joint only converted no more than 25% of THC.[/highlight]

Basically, you get more bang for your buck (or herb, if you will) if you vaporize your cannabis because the effects are more substantial. Plus you can use the AVB (already vaporized bud) to make Pot-Brownies!

Sometimes it only takes just a little bit of dry herb to get you where you need to go. What better way to taste all those amazing strains!

Benefit 3: Efficiency at Its Finest

Many users of the ever-growing pool of vaporizer enthusiasts say that this method is more efficient than conventional means. Apart from using only a little bit to get the desired effect, it is even handier and has less hassling clean up time. There is less stuff to bring around, compared to rolling a joint or setting up a bong. Not only that, but the smell will not linger around on your fingers, mouth and most importantly the environment, for less than 1/3rd the time. And yes, the smell of vaporized cannabis is much more pleasant and fresh than combusted weed.


Benefit 4: Better Feelings

Going back to the topic of a vaporizer being better, as the product is not smoked, users also report that they have a much better feeling after taking a hit. Cleaner. Less anxiety. As I like to say, “keep your sexy”. This is because of the lack of inhaled smoke. The ‘high’ the one feels is clearer, and inhaling it is done much more comfortably. ‘Smooth’ is also a word to describe the hits.

For a lot of people, the first impression of a vaporizer may lean towards more luxurious musings. However, these benefits clearly show that only the opposite is true. Even the thriftiest of marijuana users, once convinced of these benefits, will see that switching to a vaporizer will be win-win in the end. The VapeLife is for everybody!

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