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Why Weed Vaporizers Rock & Some We Highly Recommended


Why are vaporizers a much healthier alternative to smoking weed?

Well, there’s no doubt about it – they provide a cleaner and smoother experience with more flavor and also have the added benefit of being more discreet, which is perfect for those who live in areas where marijuana is illegal. The smell also dissipates much faster than smoking. Here are some of the main benefits of vaporizing weed – they are many and include:

-A cleaner, smoother experience with more flavor


-Healthier than smoking

-Instant relief from pain and anxiety

-Intense psychoactive effects

-Potential for less drug abuse

-Relieves pain and muscle spasm in the body

-Not as harmful as smoking and “burning” weed

You often need less cannabis to get the desired effects when vaping weed. So, that means saving big on your hard earned cash. And in these times, we could all use some extra savings. Vaping weed produces a lot less tar and carcinogens. This can prolong your life and help you avoid cancer, heart disease, and other dangerous health problems. Vaping weed poses no risk of burning or combusting the plant material. This means that you get a much purer vapor with fewer contaminants. And with smoking, you don’t. Just the good stuff is extracted, leaving behind what is not necessary for the body.

If you love the terpenes and flavors of your favorite type of weed, then a vaporizer is exactly what you need in your arsenal. With the ability to engender stronger highs as well as more mellow effect, you can control both the onset and duration of your high more than you can combusting your weed.

Different types of cannabis have been shown to affect people in different ways. For example, Sativa is known to produce a more upbeat, energetic high while Indica is typically known for a more calming, sedative effect. While the “hybrid” is more akin to a mix of both indica and sativa. Weed can affect people both positively and negatively, depending on the strain and person. The effects of cannabis are cumulative, meaning that even small quantities can have a significant impact. In higher doses, it is possible to experience psychosis-like symptoms or possibly even paranoia.

Finding the right cannabis strain for you can be trial and error, but a vaporizer can help with that if it has the ability to micro-dose your dry herb. If you are thinking about trying cannabis for the first time, a vaporizer can help you avoid the harsh smoke that is often associated with smoking and can cause a lot of coughing. If you have never tried cannabis before but want to, it’s always best to start off with a lighter strain such as a sativa dominant hybrid. A good quality vaporizer like a DynaVap can offer a more traditional smoking experience while vaping. DynaVap’s look like an old-school “one-hitter”.

Let’s break-down a few of our favorite vaporizers from our favorite 420 Vape Store – The VapeLife Store. Right now they are offering a 20% off discount on Storz & Bickel vaporizers. They carry many of the top brands, been around for years and also have the best prices on weed vaporizers hands down.

The Mighty+ (take a look here)

The Mighty+ is a top handheld vaporizer made by a German company (Storz & Bickel) that has been in the vaporizer space for many years. The Mighty+ will chuck out more vapor than you can imagine. Even most desk-top vaporizer have a hard time keeping up. This vaporizer is made to be the most reliable vaporizer you can get. Giving you the ultimate experience every time you start a session. It has a pocket-friendly size (on the bigger end) that will fit in your hand comfortably. It uses USB-C charging, has pass-through charging and is the favorite among many vape connoisseurs for it’s no nonsense extraction.

The Crafty+ (take a look here)

The Crafty+ vaporizer is the little sister to the Mighty+. Less battery but the trade off is a smaller device that is a bit more discreet. and more pocket-friendly. The Crafty+ is constructed with a hard plastic shell and a metal heating chamber. It has powerful ceramic heating plates and utilizes fantastic convection vaping just like it’s big brother, The Mighty+. The Crafty+ has a web app that Storz & Bickel made so you can dial in your preset temperatures to your liking. It is truly awesome vaporizer. The price isn’t cheap but you definitely get what you pay for.

The Arizer Solo 2 (take a look here)

The Arizer Solo 2 has a cult following because it truly delivers on every front. A slick vaporizer that has plenty of features and a glass air path for incredibly pure flavor. The Solo 2 can charge while in use and lasts up to 2 hours between charges. The airflow is a bit more restricted than the previously mentioned vaporizers but some people like that. It has more of a cigar feeling while taking draws. The Solo 2 is capable of giving you flavorful, thick hits. The Solo 2 is very user-friendly. It’s great for those who are looking for something reliable with another great company backing it. Arizer has been around for many years and deliver on all of their vaporizers.

DynaVap “B” (take a look here)

The DynaVap “B” is a great entry level vaporizer that is under $50. Again, it looks like the old school one-hitter pipes from back in the day but this powerful little micro-doser is one sick little vaporizer. The DynaVap “B”‘s do not use batteries and are heated with either a torch or induction heater (or whatever creative way you can find to heat it to temperature). They are extremely small (about the size of a cigarette) and will last you for years. They can be upgraded and DynaVap makes them right here in the good old USA. Order with pride and find yourself in a community full of unique enthusiasts. DynaVap’s have taken the vaporizer world by storm, no doubt. Highly recommend.

Those are just a few vaporizers off the top, but there are plenty to choose from. Again, we suggest using the discounts at The VapeLife Store so you can save big on your purchase… and if you are buying your first vaporizer – get ready to save money on weed as well. The effects are clean and if you use a vaporizer for 3 days straight, you will probably never want to go back to combusting or smoking again. Take our word for it. The taste is just gross after you’ve become a VapeLifer. Live long, vape on.

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