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Yocan Vapes: Low Price, High Tech


Back in 2011 when we first got into the vape game, our goal was to be efficient. Not only with the amount of material used in a session, but also with the amount of money spent. Fast forward to 2018, there are so many vape pen kits available your head will spin just looking for the right one! The VapeLife Store carries most of the popular brands out today like KandyPens, Source Vapes, & Dr. Dabber to name few. However, today, we’re focusing on Yocan.


This vape offers double quartz action. It’s smaller than most pen style vapes available, and offers nice strong hits from a (quickly charged up) 650 mah battery. It’s 510 threaded, meaning it can be used with most vape attachments on the market today. Practically universal. Our favorite aspect is the coil cap; as this keeps the mess from your concentrates at a minimum, and clean within the mouthpiece itself. That’s sweet. If you use vape pens a lot, you know. If you don’t, find out. Ha. A lot of people get two or more of these kits at a time for such a low price point. The VapeLife Store will provide this to you for only $24.99, and then take off an additional 30%! You just can’t go wrong. Definitely a great kit to get you going.

Evolve Plus

Let’s take it up a notch. You still enjoy the non-spill coil caps. Still dual quartz atomizers. Strong healthy hits. Still 510 threaded. Let’s focus on the other features that make it stand out. The first remarkable feature is the silicone jar built into the 19mm diameter battery. Quite convenient for storing concentrates while on the go. Holding the button down for 15 continuous seconds of pull is a pretty long time compared to the 8-12 seconds most vapes have. It offers a wider mouthpiece and thicker overall battery size. The battery is 1100mah so it lasts longer. As with the rest of the Evolve series, it comes in a different selection of colors. Also useful, is the fact that with this kit you get upgraded to the micro USB charging, and can be used while charging. $34.99 plus 30% off and you’ve got one of the baddest vape kits on the market today. And didn’t have to break the bank to get it.

Evolve Plus XL

This is the big boy of the bunch. Dedicated to the heavy hitter, and those who just wants to put a lot in at once. Plus XL boasts quadruple coil quartz atomizers.

Now lets introduce magnets into the mix. With this unit Yocan brings their magnetic system out the gate with thread-less mouthpieces. Saving time and offering yet an even cleaner vaping system. They still maintain their prior innovations with the silicone jar in the battery, and the coil caps. However, for this big boy they brought out the 1400mah battery. Also an adjustable air flow valve. That’s huge. Also a hanging ring if you want to keep it clean or don’t want to sit on it. Micro usb. The silicone jar even has two compartments on this. To be honest, at the price point of $39.99 with 30% off I think this vape kit right here is the best value on the market. This kit is bad-ass.


NEW to the market as of August 2018. Now the Loaded is pretty much…..loaded. This sweet unit comes with most of the features of the Evolve Plus XL kit, but now Yocan is adding new features such as the magnetic atomizer bases so that when you swap them out all you have to do is open up the side door on the mouthpiece, pull out the old atomizer and simply put in the new one. No screwing around 😉

They also made an adjustable extended mouthpiece for you so that when it’s in your pocket or on the table it won’t collect dust or dirt. Just twist and the mouthpiece pops up. The Loaded also takes the quad coils as well as the QDC quartz dual coil’s. Lit. $45.99 and freshly added to everybody’s favorite collection……the 30% off collection. www.TheVapeLifeStore.com

Happy savings. And of course, happy vaping…

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